Replace broken DC power jack on your laptop computer

Replace broken DC power jack on your laptop computer

Replace broken DC power jack on your laptop computer (UPDATED).

OK, I had my kids running around my room and kept tripping on my laptop's power cable. Then DC power jack was damaged. I had to always keep pressing the jack in order to charge my laptop. I reached my limit. I was almost throwing my computer out of my window, but it cost about 

This instructable does not require advanced soldering/desoldering skill. I had never desolder anything before, but was able to somehow desolder the jack.

The problem kept coming back. So I did permanent fix using modem port in my latest instructable.


Step 1: Initial Diagnostics

You can observe the damaged DC jack on the back of my computer.
The new DC jack shows how it is supposed to be.

Step 2: Materials required

Materials required for this instructable are following.

1) Soldering iron (25W)
2) Multimater (optional)
3) Small screw drivers: 1set
4) Pen
5) Paper
6) New DC jack*
7) Thermal compound (often used for computer)
8) Disposable cups x6
9) Desoldering braid ($5 at RadioShack)
10) Isopropanol (not RNase Free)

  • New DC jack was puchased from DC
Mine was less than $7. You can google and find cheapest source.

Step 3: Most important key! DOCUMENTATION!

The reason why you need pen and pencil is that you need documentation. I can't emphasize enough this. You will find yourself with extra screws and non-functional laptop if you don't.

Look around and write down schematic diagram of your computer.
You will assign screw numbers and mark them into your figures as you disassemble.

Step 4: Disassemble 1

Remove hard drive, optical drive, battery, and what ever you can remove.
Remove screws and assign screw number.
Place screws into corresponding disposable cup.
Take note where and what type of screws were there.
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